Even My Vet is on Board!

April 12th, 2016

I got an email from my vet this morning about the dangers of feeding your pet a raw food diet. I have been hearing for years how drinking raw milk (or eating raw milk cheese) is healthier for you because of the healthy enzymes found in the raw milk. I have been also screaming until I’ve become blue in the face that this is nonsense for the exact, same reasons Cynthia explains below. You have your very own enzymes that work quite well in your own, human, digestive tract. When we consume foreign enzymes, we digest them just like any other protein, and they become inactive once they hit the hot vat of acid in your stomach. Bravo, Cynthia! Science, bitches.

“Raw pet products are one of the fastest growing segments of the pet food industry. Proponents of raw food diets claim these diets improve our pets’ longevity and can even cure diseases, because vitamins and enzymes are preserved in raw food diets. Remember, all enzymes necessary for digestion are made by the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas of healthy dogs and cats (and humans). Furthermore, most proteins (enzymes) are inactivated by stomach acid.

Cynthia Hervatic, DVM


Further reading:

American Animal Hospital Association website. Raw protein diet position statement.

Available at: https://www.aahanet.org/Library/Raw_Food_Diet.aspx%20.


  1. American Veterinary Medical Association website. Raw or undercooked animal-source protein in cat and dog diets. Available at: https://www.avma.org/KB/Policies/Pages/Raw-orUndercooked-Animal-Source-Protein-in-Cat-and-Dog-Diets.aspx.

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